AirFuel celebrates 20-year anniversary at Paris Charles de Gaulle

AirFuel, the joint Q8Aviation/Air France refuelling service at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, has marked 20 years of successful operations with a celebration attended by senior members of both companies.

The joint venture, the first between Q8Aviation and Air France, was set up in 2002 with a shared vision to provide a dedicated refuelling operation with the highest operational, safety and customer service standards. It has become one of the largest and most complex into plane operations in Europe, refuelling around 200 aircraft every day. The operation is managed by Skytanking on behalf of the joint venture.

Naser Ben Butain, General Manager Q8Aviation, says: “We are proud of the strong relationship developed by Q8Aviation and Air France over many years. This long-standing partnership with a prestigious airline, which is also a highly valued customer, is integral to our ambitious 2040 Strategy to grow our share of the jet fuel market. We commend the team’s efforts, spirit of collaboration and professionalism that have made this joint venture so successful and have set firm foundations for it to thrive over the next 20 years.