Q8Aviation Adds Liege To Its Regional Network

Q8Aviation has recently added Liège, in the east of Belgium, to its rapidly expanding network of regional airports.

Nick Nigel, Sales and Marketing Manager at Q8Aviation, comments: “This is a logical move for us. We provide a secure and reliable fuel supply from Le Havre and Rotterdam, where we have invested heavily in superb import facilities, and it makes sense to expand our range of airports within reach of these ports. Liège will provide a valuable addition to our portfolio.”

Most of the airports served by Q8Aviation handle mainly passenger aircraft. Liège, however, focuses on serving cargo airlines and ranks amongst the top ten cargo airports in Europe. Cargo airlines carry an endless range of products – from food produce and flowers to high value micro chips and even Arab racehorses. Airports used by these carriers must have the infrastructure and expertise to load and unload these valuable consignments safely and efficiently, which is exactly what Liège provides.

Q8Aviation has won its first customer at Liège with United Air Services (UAS),   “It`s a great start and we’re confident of securing further business at Liège before too long,” says Nick Nigel.