Q8Aviation adds Trieste to its extensive Italian network

Q8Aviation has extended its network of airports in Italy with the start of marketing operations at Ronchi dei Legionari airport, Trieste.

Trieste becomes the fifteenth regional airport to be served by Q8Aviation in Italy. Jet fuel will be supplied from Q8Aviation’s import facilities at Koper in Slovenia, 25 kilometres away, and transported to the airport by road.

This small international airport located in north-eastern Italy has a catchment area of around five million people, extending into Slovenia and Croatia, and is served by a mix of national carriers and low cost airlines. It opened in 1935 and was originally used as a base for the Royal Italian Air Force before transferring to commercial operations in 1961.

Julian Amesbury, Commercial Director at Q8Aviation, says: ‘We are delighted to add Trieste to our extensive portfolio of regional airports and to strengthen our position in the Italian market. We look forward to developing our business in the coming year.’