Q8Aviation expands marketing presence in Switzerland

Leading jet fuel supplier Q8Aviation has just secured the right to market aviation fuel at Geneva Airport and Zurich Airport. Naser Ben Butain, General Manager Q8Aviation, comments: “We are pleased to gain a presence at Switzerland’s two leading international airports where we will have the opportunity to serve both the Commercial Airlines and the General Aviation market. Q8Aviation is already present at Basle-Mulhouse Airport so this expansion confirms our position as one of the country’s largest jet fuel marketers.”

The expansion of Q8Aviation in the Swiss jet fuel market is an addition to Q8Aviation’s network of over 70 airports in 15 countries including Europe’s 10 busiest airports. Q8Aviation typically refuels 2,000 aircraft a day from every sector of the Aviation sector and is one of the largest importers of Jet Fuel into Europe.

Q8Aviation is a subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum International, the international arm of state-owned Kuwait Petroleum Corporation which is one of the largest producers of oil and jet fuel in the world. Supplying global and regional clients in the aviation industry for over 40 years. Q8Aviation currently supplies 8 billion litres of aviation fuel annually to most of the world’s biggest airlines.