Q8Aviation launches a fuel service at London Gatwick

Q8Aviation has launched a new jet fuel operation at Gatwick Airport and won our first customers, Air Nigeria and Caribbean Airlines.

Gatwick, the UK’s second largest airport, is expanding rapidly and attracting new airlines and routes as a result of its ongoing multimillion pound investment programme.

Fadel Al-Faraj, General Manager of Q8Aviation, comments: “Winning these contracts at Gatwick, one of Europe’s busiest and most strategically important hubs, is a very significant achievement for Q8Aviation. We have invested substantially in import and storage infrastructure to provide a safe, secure fuel supply and I am delighted to see that this strategy is proving successful.”

As a subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, one of the world’s largest oil producers, Q8Aviation sources its fuel for Gatwick from Kuwait, providing it with a supply chain that extends ‘from wellhead to wingtip’. Fuel is imported through Q8Aviation’s dedicated import facilities at Avonmouth and stored at the Hallen Fuel Depot, in which Q8Aviation has also invested, before being transported to the airport via the GPSS pipeline.

Ricardo Joachim, Procurement Manager at Caribbean Airlines, comments: “We have previously worked with Q8Aviation and been impressed by their reliable service. This, and their growing reputation as one of Europe’s leading fuel suppliers, made them a clear choice.”