Q8Aviation launches new jet fuel service at Vienna International Airport

Q8Aviation has won our first contract at Vienna international Airport, supplying jet fuel to Air Transat, Canada’s leading holiday travel airline. Every year, Air Transat carries some three million passengers to nearly 60 destinations in 25 countries aboard its fleet of Airbus wide-body jets.

Gordon Greene, Vice President Strategic Procurement of Air Transat, comments: “In a competitive tender, Q8Aviation offered the best overall option in terms of competitive pricing, expertise in fuel operations and reliability. We look forward to a long and successful partnership.”

Toby Simmons, Sales & Marketing Manager, adds: “We are delighted to be able to grow our business with Air Transat. Vienna is an important addition to our portfolio of airports and by importing jet fuel through our facilities at the port of Koper we can offer Air Transat and future customers an efficient and secure fuel supply.”

Q8Aviation set up dedicated import facilities at the port of Koper in Slovenia in 2008. The port has excellent road and rail connections allowing jet fuel to be transported quickly and efficiently to airports across south, east and central Europe.

The European import facilities in which Q8Aviation has invested provide a secure ‘well head to wing tip’ supply chain for distributing product based on Kuwaiti hydrocarbons that has helped make us one of Europe’s leading jet fuel importers.