Q8Aviation’s Technical Services business expands rapidly

Q8Aviation’s Technical Department is going from strength to strength, as companies around the world – from major oil companies to small into-plane operators – take advantage of our expertise.

A new Technical Services Agreement has recently been signed with aircraft re-fueller Lubwell Corporation in the Philippines covering four airports, including Clark Air Base, a former United States Air Force Base which will in time become the country’s leading airport. This service has also expanded rapidly in Africa, where Q8Aviation is providing technical services to companies operating at airports in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and the Sudan.

The services provided under a Technical Service Agreement most usually involve regular inspections of fuelling procedures and facilities, together with training, to achieve the highest safety standards. Customers also receive Q8Aviation’s Operating and Fuels Quality Manuals and are indemnified under Q8Aviation’s insurance policy, saving substantial costs.

Ed Selley, Technical Manager at Q8Aviation, comments: “In effect we’re providing a framework that enables a company at a small airport in a remote part of the world to work to the same high standards as a large operator at one of the world’s major hub airports.”

Both Ed Selley and John Buxton, who joined the team earlier this year as Technical Services Manager, are highly qualified to provide this service.  They represent Q8Aviation on high profile industry committees and Ed is Chairman of the prestigious API/EI Aviation Committee which governs the sub-committees setting aviation industry standards.

To find out more about Q8Aviation’s technical services, please contact Ed Selley ([email protected]) or John Buxton ([email protected]).