Survey reveals greater customer satisfaction at Q8Aviation

A recent survey by Q8Aviation shows that customer satisfaction has risen sharply since 2009, following a series of measures we have taken to enhance our customer service.

The actions taken were in response to feedback from our customers which highlighted areas where we could improve our service, particularly in relation to handling queries and invoicing.

Our first step was to create a new Customer Services Co-ordinator role as a focal point for queries and to manage every aspect of the fee process.

We now offer access to a Customer Extranet, which provides virtually real-time invoicing, pricing and access to data from any location. Customers also receive automated weekly statements and notification of changes in airport fees.

Following a detailed review of our invoicing system there have been important changes to achieve greater accuracy, including the introduction of new software. Our system for complaint handling has also been sharpened to enable quick corrective action to be taken.

100 per cent of those surveyed believe that Q8Aviation’s query handling and invoicing systems are good or better and 87 per cent think that complaint handling has improved.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey. Using your feedback and the ISO 9001 management system, we will continue to work on improving every aspect of our service.