Survey shows strong improvement in customer satisfaction

A recent survey shows that 82% of customers rate Q8Aviation’s overall service as excellent or good, compared with 68% in 2011.

Conducted bi-annually amongst fuel buyers and finance departments, the survey tracks customer perception across Q8Aviation’s services. In other findings, a rating of excellent or good was given to our on-airport services by 81% of customers (67% in 2011), and to our Sales and Marketing department by 85% (75% in 2011).

78% of customers consider our Extranet excellent or good, reflecting the enhancements made over the past two years, including the provision of virtually real-time invoicing and pricing, and automated weekly statements.

Julian Amesbury, Commercial Director at Q8Aviation, comments:  “We are delighted with this excellent feedback from our customers, in particular the strong improvement in the perception of our airport operations and our Sales and Marketing department. It’s also great to see that the automation enhancements to our Extranet have made a positive impact on our customers.”

He adds: “Improving customer service is an ongoing process and we will continue to draw on feedback from our customers to raise our service to even higher levels in future.”